Friday, May 20, 2011

Shooting on Sunday

So, are we really shooting outside on Sunday?
Even if it's raining?
We will shoot if it's raining a little. If it's torrential or dangerous we won't. If there are thunderstorms then we're out -- no shooting at all.
But we'll get wet.
Yeah. It's going to be a problem.
What about the camera?
I suggest an extra pair of shoes and an extra set of clothes.
This is the actual location
For the camera?
Er, no. The camera will get its own umbrella.
Well hooray for the camera then.
I know we'll be wet if it rains and... I'm sorry.
But won't we look wet?
Yeah, actually, that's an issue. Weirdly the camera won't see the rain. But the camera will notice you becoming more damp throughout the scene.
What are we going to do about that?
I suggest shooting closeups with umbrellas over the heads of the actors.
That's all I've got right now.
What about the Pop-Up tent you had on Solar Vengeance?
We, er, gave that away.
Smooth move.
Don't I know it.
Where are we changing? 
Inside cars and stuff.
OK, so after we shoot, then what?
Chatterbox Cafe, baby!


Jeff said...

This sounds miserable.

And I'm totally jealous of all of the folks who get to do it. Good shooting!

Andrew Bellware said...

Wanna come with us and hold umbrellas? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Shooting in rain, not so bad. Continuity can be an issue, but if you're using the scene for the rain, wet the cast going in. I've had worse issues with people drying out as a scene went on.

BTW - if you're shooting in any kind of HD, the camera will (in my experience) pick up the rain.

Andrew Bellware said...

I haven't got an HD camera to pick up rain without all the same ol' tricks (sidelighting, big rain drops). But now it looks like it ain't gonna rain after all!

Kangas said...

I thought the weekend was supposed to be sunny...

Andrew Bellware said...

The weather report has gone back and forth. NOW it looks like sunny...

joe said...

i once stabbed a director so many times for making me act in the rain that he himself began to rain - tears and blood

Andrew Bellware said...

Don't be silly. You've never worked with a director...