Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tina Tanzer in the Avengers

We shot many and multivarious stills of Tina Tanzer today, for use with key art. You know it's really all about the Facebook.
The structure on the dress she wore is amazing. I know, I spend the whole day shooting a beautiful woman and all I can talk about is the structure of her dress.


DAVID FREY said...

It's ok Drew, it's probably best if you, as Director don't say what the rest of the internet is thinking "she looks hot holding that falic looking gun"

Andrew Bellware said...

But she has excellent trigger discipline!

Joseph Matteini said...

Just saw her in "New York day 2"she caught my attention,big time!She works out,maybe?I need a workout partner!I have good concentration and discipline,but this would be a test of tests to have her in my gym.