Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today is Stupid Day

Today is a day where I'm making up for things I should have thought through before. "Thought through" looks like a typo, doesn't it?

I'm just going to put Guilliaume Seignac pictures wherever I want.
In any case, I have to get the footage to Earthkiller to my overseas distributor so that his trailer editor can get a trailer cut before the American Film Market (which is less than two weeks from now so the distributor is understandably anxious to get the footage). My stupid is that I just looked this morning and discovered that the camera footage, converted to ProRes Quicktime movies, is over 600GB. And I don't have a portable drive that's that big. So I went and splurged on a 1TB rugged drive for $115 at J&R.

But that isn't the big decision made today based on me not thinking through something I shoulda thought through many months ago. No, rather this is what happened: I was mixing the first act of Day 2 and realized that "OMG!!!11 Dis Iz BORINGZ!" We have to get into the action of the picture faster than we do. But we need that long scene where we open the movie and we need the sequence where our heroine walks through the empty streets of Brooklyn.

So what do we do?

We insert a new first shot into the picture! Wide on the planet Earth, a GIANT EVIL SPACESHIP enters the frame. Two more ships enter right and left. The invasion has begun.

Yes, we're going to add a 10-second visual effects shot right at the top of the movie. I'm rendering it right now using the Whirleydoomer model (one of the big wheel-like robots). Which, you know, kinda makes sense because where else did those things come from anyway?

So we're sending finished shots for Day 2 as well as a couple visual effects shots for Earthkiller to our distributor's FTP site and you just know that the new trailers are going to have some of the two movies mixed up, right? ;-)

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