Thursday, June 23, 2016

Friday, June 17, 2016

My three things today

Issues with monitoring with the GH4. Basically you switch from .mov to AVCHD recording and back again if it's not outputting video via HDMI.
Apple's Time Machine can get cranky about disk permissions. Just. Because.
Panasonic's VLOG-L is very interesting. I don't know why Panasonic is so weird about releasing it. It's a $99 upgrade but it's frequently "out of stock". I mean it's a flippin' serial number for a software upgrade and it's... "out of stock". Nobody knows why.

There are some complications using VLOG-L. One is that it doesn't really work in 8-bit as nicely as you'd like. And that's what the GH4 records internally. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mac Rogers Is The Man

Genius playwright Mac Rogers is all over The New York Times.

Mac also wrote the screenplay for our movie Angry Planet.
The part I seriously have to disagree with is this statement:

Mr. Rogers probably wouldn’t be much use if the robot hordes were to pounce.

I know Mac Rogers.  I met Mac Rogers when I was a subspace communication specialist (T-3) and he was a Marine door gunner on a landing boat on LV-426. Let me tell you something. If there's one guy you want standing by your side with a pulse rifle when the robot hordes are about to pounce, it's Mac Rogers.