Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Helmets of Space

Now, my buddy Chance Shirley already made the most awesome space movie, Interplanetary. So really I should just quit and get a real job. I'm just too stubborn.
The helmets for Interplanetary do a great job of solving one of the biggest inherent problems with space helmets: how to attach them to the body.
Now you'd think I was just posting pictures of topless women gratuitously. But, shockingly, I'm not. This picture just happens to have the clearest view of the way the gasket on the helmet works.
As it turns out, acrylic is much cheaper than Lexan.


Joe Falcon said...
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Joe Falcon said...

I'm getting the feeling your working on a Space movie with this talk about helmets. Something on the horizion for the Spring/Summer shooting shedule or just playing with a little seed of inspiration?

Shirley's design was so far the best and easiest, full view of head and multifit prop (money left in bank). The Enterprise Suits also did this as well for budget concerns, I actually love the suit designs and uniforms from that series because of the fuctionality of the outfits.

Acrylic scratches easier than lexan, I believe.


Andrew Bellware said...

Hmm... space movie then. Interesting...

Joe Falcon said...

Well a movie require spacesuits. Oh dammit Andrew you got me doing it.