Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vampire Buffalo

I watched two episodes of The Vampire Diaries because of this blog post. Maybe I watched the two worst episodes of the show ever but it's just terrible. Every scene is just "data data data". There's no ticking clock, no problem which needs to be solved by the end of the episode, nothing. In fact there's no way to know how far along you are in the episode by anything that's happening on-screen.
The worst thing is that there are way too many dark-haired white boys in it. Practically every male character is indistinguishable from all the rest.
My friend Xavier Rodriguez made this movie, Dead Buffalo, a while back. I mixed it. Yes. The noise behind the dialog is my fault. And yes, the gun is not anachronistic, it's actually contemporary to the time the movie is set.


Kangas said...

Did you watch the first 2 episodes, or just 2 random episodes? 'Cause honestly it was a decent show for the first couple of years, but I don't agree about this year; this year has been pretty garbage.

What's the infatuation with the vampire/werewolf hybrid thing that EVERY show/movie/book is doing now?

Andrew Bellware said...

One of the episodes was the latest episode on Hulu. And then I chose another one randomly -- a few episodes ago.
Is the pilot any good?
Wait, no, the show isn't on Hulu -- I had to watch it on the CW site.

Yeah, Underworld did it and now everybody's all about the Vampire/Werewolf underground.