Thursday, January 26, 2012

Celtx Hot Keys

Over on the Celtx forums Steve lists the hotkeys for Celtx:

Script Elements:
Heading - ctrl + 1, or ctrl + return
Action - ctrl + 2
Character - ctrl + 3
Dialog - ctrl + 4
Parenthesis - ctrl + 5
Transition - ctrl + 6
Shot - ctrl + 7
Text - ctrl + 8

cut - ctrl + x
copy - ctrl + c
paste - ctrl + v

white space - shift + return

find & replace - ctrl + f
find next - ctrl + g
find previous - shift + ctrl + g

new project - ctrl +n
open project - ctrl + o
save - ctrl +s
print - ctrl + p

Mac users can substitute the 'cmd' key for the 'ctrl' key.


Allan Mackey said...

CeltX is poop. Technically speaking.

Andrew Bellware said...

Really? I've used it on our last few features and have found it to work great. Plus, of course, it's free.

Allan Mackey said...

I used Final Draft 6 on my PC, but once I moved over to Mac didn't feel like buying FD8 so went to CeltX - because it's free. But I have not enjoyed any writing in it at all and have not been able to get into it.

I actually work now on the demo FD8, save my files in the older format, and move them over to PC for printing and PDFing (for no watermark).

It's probably personal preference as much as anything but things like control over pagination, seeing where page breaks occur, and things that aren't off the top of my head are just painful not to have. I'm hoping to buy FD8 very soon and make all my pain go away.

Andrew Bellware said...

I like everything about Celtx EXCEPT for the damn pagination.
Other than that though, I find it fairly easy to use.
But hey, what do I know? I just had a writer deliver a screenplay in Word. ;-)

Allan Mackey said...


thomas said...

Any informed opinions on Scrivener for scripts?

Andrew Bellware said...

I haven't used Scrivener, so I'm out.