Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Computer convincerations

VideoGuys publish a DIY computer guide and they're up to their 9th machine which is based on the i7 chip.
I'm persuaded to go with a dual xenon hexa - core machine. And 24GB of RAM.
And even though the videoguys specifically advise against it, I figure a GTX570/580 card is right what I want.
And I want the computer to be in a rack-mount case. See that rack behind me? The one with the headphones and Purell? I want to put the computer in the bottom of that rack. That means wireless mouse/keyboard in likelihood I should think. And a 10-foot DVI cable.


Joe Falcon said...

I read the article, it doesn't say anything bad about it. I'd probably use an EVGA X58 mb with an EVGA 590 Classified and hot rod it with a raid SSD Harddrive and the rest they suggest with adds 790 for the graphics card and 369 for the extra SSD. And if like me you run heavy graphics and think all heavy polygon meshes can be rendered with overclocking, a liquid cooling system.

Andrew Bellware said...

The direction I'm going in is a server board: SUPERMICRO MBD-X8DAL-i-O and to put it in a rack-mount case.
An SSD drive is probably what I OUGHT to do but I was going to be lazy and get a fast 2TB Barracuda instead.
Yeah, I wasn't looking to overclock. If I were then I'd go for the i7 but with a nice liquid cooling option.

Joe Falcon said...

SSD is great as a scratchdrive for Video/Audio work, helps when I do animation.

Hey Andrew, while I got your attention do you know if there is a audio mixer that can link with Premier Pro and Audtions for sound work?


Andrew Bellware said...

Now you have me all a-wondering if I should save a thousand bucks and go i7 rather than dual hexa Xeon...

SSD scratchdrive is interesting. I don't think I'll go that way this time around but it is... interesting.

When you say "mixer" do you just mean a hardware controller for Audition?

Videoguys said...

Hi - Gary from Videoguys here. We don't have any issues with teh GTX570/580 cards. We recommend them highly for Adobe CS5.x We do recommend going with a Quadro4000 as our top choice, but that is based on Avid and After Effects, not Premiere pro or the Mercury Playback Engine.

The new i7 3930k Sandy bridge-e is a monster CPU and it delivers outstanding performance for content creators.


Andrew Bellware said...

Hi Gary!

Do you like the i7 3930K better than dual hexa-core Xeons?

I had misunderstood that you prefer the Quadro 4000 for After Effects. I just figured that all Mercury playback issues were the same. That's going to make a difference in my purchasing! Thanks!


Joe Falcon said...

Hardware controller, oops.

Andrew Bellware said...

I think, without being an Audition user, that the answer is "all of them". All HUI controllers work. Even the single-channel ones. Whatcha lookin' to do?

Joe Falcon said...

Mainly for Adobe Premier pro sound levels just like using sliders when working with sound.

Andrew Bellware said...

I got a PreSonus Faderport http://blog.tyrannosaurusmouse.com/2011/10/faderport-part-i.html but I can't get the fader's motor to control it properly. That is, apparently, a common issue.
But there's plenty of those kinds of things out there. Even Behringer makes one with 8 faders.