Saturday, October 23, 2010

This is Why I Have a Blog

Yes, this is why I have a blog. So that my friends can tell me about things like this (see comments on previous post).

Here is the key art out rep will be using at this year's American Film Market in order to sell Earthkiller.

Did I have a half-dozen back and forths in email with my distributor over the last two days about a variety of topics about the marketing of these two pictures (Earthkiller and Day 2)? Did any of those emails coming from my rep include the words "we have the provisional artwork up on our site for Earthkiller"?

Nope. But luckily Joe had my back and sent me (via comments in post below) to my own distributor's site to find this piece of artwork. Ha!


Cunningham said...

Correct me if I'm wrong - but isn't this the same distributor who told you that movies with female action heroes weren't selling?

Andrew Bellware said...

Ha! Yes, Bill, you win two Internets for that one! This time last year they warned us off of making Earthkiller and persuaded us instead to do a disaster movie (which became "Day 2".)
We were thinking that the Earthkiller picture might be marketable as a "Resident Evil" mockbuster. Of course, once we get more pictures of the creature in there we might find that it goes in an "Alien" direction. Who knows?
I guess we'll find out at Cannes if anyone buys the completed picture!

Kangas said...

I'm beginning to think you ARE Halcyon pictures, 'cause like 85% of their movies are yours...

Andrew Bellware said...

Oh, no no no! Not 85%. We're just under 30% of their pictures. I did the math with Google ;-)
That is, we have 6 out of 21 movies they have listed...

Tobibo said...

Hello Mr. Bellware!
I just wanted to say that i am a big fan of your works! I just watched EARTHKILLER and i LOVED it.
Very entertaining, and Robin Kurtz was like Ripley, but nude^^
People gotta be Sci-Fi-Geeks and Low-Budget-Fans to appreciate your work, and i do!! CLONEHUNTER will be released here in Germany in a few Days on Bluray Disc, i just pre-ordered it.

Greetingz, Toby

Andrew Bellware said...

Thanks Tobibo, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
We'll be making many more!