Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Second-to-last-day, er, 3rd to last day

The brilliant and astounding Libby Csulik took these pictures. I feel fairly confident that this is the third-to-last-day. No, wait, that can't be right. These are all the second-to-last-day.
Drew shoots the bluescreen with David Ian Lee and Virginia Logan (that's listed right to left.)

The original Charlie's Angels, Tom Rowen, Joe Chapman, Nat Cassidy.

David Ian Lee, Tom Rowen looking stranger than even usual for him, and Nat Cassidy.

Um. Er. Space Rangers from the planet Oxion 13!

Libby Csulik (shemping for Juanita Arias) flashing some gang signs with Tom Rowen. Maybe Joe took this picture?
 Now that I think of it more this must be the 3rd-to-last-day. If I looked at the call sheets or maybe the dates on the photos I could find out. I'm not going to.
Two Thirds of our Arizona contingent, David Ian Lee and Nat Cassidy, arguing about the script (they're the writers on Android Insurrection.)

Jiah Peck booming Virginia Logan and David Ian Lee.
 Today was the day that David Ian Lee made like he's the big name talent we brought in for only one day because that's all we could afford. Really it's because he has a baby now!
David Ian Lee not looking nearly as Hitler-esque as we thought he would. His character's name is Colonel Bellware and that amuses me to no end..

Can someone stop this guy? Joe Chapman in all his sexiness.

I see a buddy - cop crime drama here. Nat Cassidy and Joe Chapman in If Looks Could Kill Thursdays on NBC.

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