Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Second-to-last-day part 6

Although honestly now I'm confused and this might be the 3rd-to-last day. Libby Csulik's photos:
Sarah-Doe Osborne puts on her complicated android lip gloss.

Jeff Wills you have something on your... on... just the lip. No the... never mind.

This is basically Nat Cassidy's Roger Waters from 1972 look.

Somebody gave Nat Cassidy the camera. Big mistake.

Henry Maduka Steady directing second unit.

Nat Cassidy looks way too good in brown.

Sarah-Doe falls asleep. As it turns out, androids dream of eclectic sheep. [Editor's note: somebody put in a funnier joke here.]

Maduka Steady directing second unit in the most dramatic way possible.

Nat Cassidy slates second unit.

Maduka Steady shoots second unit.

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