Monday, May 30, 2011


So the good news is that we've gotten a whole bunch of small sales from a whole bunch of territories. The bad news is we have to actually finish the movies! ;-) Ha!
Virginia Logan as Foxwell in Android Insurrection.
Actually, we've locked Act 1 of Earthkiller (including visual effects, but not color-correction) and we're going to start going gang-busters locking other acts.
Then we'll be onto editing Android Insurrection.
Also, sitting here on my desktop is what is potentially a fantastic script which has so far been written by Nat Cassidy and me. It needs another week of work because we changed up the bones of the story structure. Nat is doing some ridiculous thing called "theater" so he can't work on it any more. Maybe I'll work on it while mixing Earthkiller.


joe said...

space babes. very dangerous. YOU go first.

Andrew Bellware said...

How about we send in the new guy? Yeah. Hey -- new guy! Come up here and do somethin' for us...