Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Second-to-last-day part 3

Joe Chapman and David Ian Lee. We put David's body in the dumpster.

Virginia Logan gets her robot goo on. The Queen of Mars loves her some gunk.

Andrew Bellware looks forlornly at what passes for craft services. Actually, that's an art table. Artist Joe Chapman, however, has just the thing to perk everyone up!

Joe Chapman and David Ian Lee. I... I don't know what on earth they're doing. I might not want to know.

That's Henry Maduka Steady slating David Ian Lee.

Virginia Logan and David Ian Lee in the landing craft.

Sarah-Doe Osborne with... bubblegum? Or is that just her tongue? It's hard to say.

Wow, I guess this is what making a movie looks like. 

Juanita Arias takes aim at a giant robot.

Virginia Logan and Jeff Wills taking robots out one by one.

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