Saturday, May 7, 2011

Android Insurrection Day 6(b)

David Ian Lee -- I felt very strongly that with the Charlie Chaplin mustache, he should wear a bowler cap, don't you agree?

We actually have no ending of this movie. Do the androids rise up? I think they do. Sarah-Doe Osborne, Virginia Logan, and David Ian Lee wondering what they'll do next.

Here I'm just trying to capture the angst of being on set for hours and hours.

I don't care. He comes back. It's awesome.


DAVID FREY said...

DIL looks a bit like a a reject from a hitler youth camp without the bowler cap.

Are you still figuring out the ending? If so, I think I have a good one for ya. Let me know and I'll spill the beans.

Andrew Bellware said...

David Frey -- why are you holdin' out on the ending. We just sat there and stared at one another. What's your ending?!!?