Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Second-to-last-day part 4

This will tell you a lot about the color of the lights we have on set. Jeff Wills, Nat Cassidy, and Joe Chapman.

Jeff Wills, Juanita Arias (standing), Andrew Bellware (back toward camera), Nat Cassidy (looking away from camera), Tom Rowen, and Joe Chapman.

Jeff Wills picture when he's getting someone to pay him.

That's me, Andrew Bellware, in the center. Tom Rowen (shirtless) sits behind me and Sarah-Doe Osborne's head pokes out from behind the set. I'm talking with Jeff Wills.

Jeff Wills has killed many robots in his life. Too many. Too many robots, Jeff.

Juanita Arias, Jeff Wills, Nat Cassidy, Virginia Logan, and Joe Chapman.

Sarah-Doe Osborne is a sleepy android.

The Queen of Mars on boom, Andrew Bellware on camera.

Jeff Wills shouts "charge!"

The debonair Nat Cassidy.

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