Monday, May 2, 2011

From Libby part 2

Nat Cassidy's new Facebook/dating site profile picture.

How do you photograph Jeff Wills badly? Here he is on some enormous fisheye lens and the guy still looks good.

That's Joe Chapman in the background and Tom Rowen in the foreground.
 I think this set is what we were calling the "Corridor B interlock" but honestly the set's continuity got a bit messed up.
Jiah Peck waits for someone to open the door to the airlock.

Tom Rowen does his Platoon imitation. Yes, that's my camera he has in his left hand. I'm not telling my Willem DaFoe story though.

Virginia Logan, Jeff Wills, Juanita Arias. See? Everyone has red on them. That's intentional.

Wow, that's so not a good profile of me.

Here's the set we shot on. That pad was for the rehearsal of the flip we did on Sunday. The shop is great to shoot in because we have a lot of room. If only it weren't so filthy dirty! ;-)

Here is... well gosh, I don't actually know what's going on here. That must be me (Andrew Bellware) in the center. I have big anime robo-feet. The foreground is Jiah Peck. Looks like I'm directing Joe Chapman.

I suppose this should be my new Facebook picture.
Here are more pictures from the set that Libby took with her very sweet Canon camera.

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