Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pictures from Libby 3

The overly sexy Henry Maduka Steady directs Virginia Logan, Joe Chapman, and Rebecca Kush in their fight.

Maduka Steady drops the laser sword while Andrew Bellware photographs it. 

Maduka Steady, Andrew Bellware (showing his best view), Rebecca Kush, and Jiah Peck on boom. We're in the mud. But the weather held out for us.

Tom Rowen as Tango talks into his comm.

Juanita Arias as Cage looks on while Virginia Logan as Foxwell talks into the comm.

Rebecca Kush without the android wig. 

Getting the martini shot.

Once the boys got these guns they couldn't set them down. David Frey and Tom Rowen ready to rock.

Joe Chapman having way too much fun to be on set.

David Frey and Joe Chapman. Wildmen. 

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