Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 8 part 2

Tom Rowen and Joe Chapman pointing away from the broken down van.

Tom played with his hair all day. 

Tom Rowen, Virginia Logan, Joe Chapman, David Frey, Maduka Steady (back to us), Juanita Arias, Rebecca Kush, Andrew Bellware, Jiah Peck, the Queen of Mars. Missing: Willow Rose and Libby Csulik. 

Virginia Logan and Joe Chapman. Did I forget to mention the bones that were on the set? From a large animal's ribcage.

Tom Rowen. He's wearing white socks. Later he would run around in nothing more than his shoes and white socks.

The handsome David Frey is all tricked out with the biggest of BFG's (not show here.)

Virginia Logan and Joe Chapman take fire on a mean android (Rebecca Kush).

David Frey takin' one for the team while Juanita Arias gets ready to open a world o' hurt.

This is Andrew Bellware in the middle of his shooting day. He drove the "party van" wherein stories of questionable morality were woven with intrigue and personal experience. 

Rebecca Kush will end you.

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