Friday, November 19, 2010

More from the Desert

Shooting exteriors can be a lot of fun. We got rained out a few times before we could shoot this day. But whew, finally we did it.
We're shooting at f22 so there's just no limit to the depth of field.
So, actor... looking directly at the sun. Eergh. If I'd a-only thought about it I'da said something, now I feel bad. Looks great though. Hope her eyes are OK. Robin Kurtz as Helen. She was wearing way too little clothing for how cold it was today. But she gets to keep the groovy leather jacket we bought for her character! Woo!
The Queen of Mars looks upon the damaged android.
We'll have to add heat distortion to this shot. It wasn't that cold but I'm glad I could wear my coat under the cloak. My costume was originally made for my friend Ed McNamee's musical La Gioconda by the brilliant Michael Bevins. The goggles are from Carly Hirshberg, who designed costumes for Clonehunter, and the rebreathers are from Brian Schiavo. You might remember the Queen of Mars' costume from Millennium Crisis.

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