Monday, November 29, 2010


Ian Hubert finished the Earthkiller model in Blender 3D. What's funny to me about this particular render is that as big as it is, it doesn't even show the whole model!
This week I simply have to work out the post-production schedule on Earthkiller. I thought about using project management software, flowchart software, and now I'm seriously thinking that this technology called "a piece of paper" might very well be the best thing for us.
Also, I've done zero work on the Earthwar screenplay this weekend. I'm trying to do some work on it today. My big question is: what will be the headcount of the good guys? How many die?


joe said...

the answers to your questions are 7 and 5, respectively.

Andrew Bellware said...

Joe, you have no idea the power you wield. Don't think I'm not using your numbers.

joe said...

damn, that Earthkiller Station is breathtaking - too bad it has to git blowed up!