Saturday, November 20, 2010

Earthkiller BTS

Here's the last bit of behind the scenes I'm publishing today.
Here I am, having forsaken pants, shooting Michael Chmiel and Anthony Litton (who are about to be blown out of the airlock.)

This is a great picture for showing the set of the "robot room". It's only accessible via that tube, but there's also a door in the floor of the set (which doesn't go anywhere) and a huge Blade Runner-ish fan above.

Henry Steady in a slate action shot.


Mike Chmiel said...

holy balls, it's us!
can i be tank dude in the next one? :)

Anthony said...

I had forgotten you were not wearing pants. Thanks for the memories!

Andrew Bellware said...

There shall be NO PANTS on the day!

Mike: you know the tank dude has no pants too, right? ;-)

Mike Chmiel said...

story of my life