Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 13 of 12

We're still shooting Earthkiller. Yup, we've been at it for more than a season. And shockingly, we aren't actually behind schedule. We're just taking a very long time to shoot the movie. That's OK, though. It's going great and we're really happy with the footage and the performances and the sets. Movie looks great. Very happy.
Today we shot the wonderful Robin Kurtz in the "weapon room" (which in the script is called the "Core") of the Earthkiller Battle Station. We kept the camera locked whenever we saw the bluescreen.
Joe Chapman lurking behind the door while Libby Csulik shoots... well... the cameraman (me).
Henry Maduka Steady and Joe Chapman (rockin' a beard) discussing the lighting of the bluescreen.
Libby Csulik made graphics for the monitors. They look great and even have a countdown built in. She made them in Flash which is a program completely beyond my understanding.
The lovely Robin Kurtz as Helen, having set down the beacon, waits for the end of time.

We started shooting this movie when it was very, very hot outside (and inside). Remember the summer? It was brutal. And now it's almost cold. Robin was happy that by this time in the picture she's wearing that leather jacket, that's for sure.

We only have the "Philadelphia Desert" left to shoot. That'll be (my guess) about an hour at the shore somewhere and we're gonna want to do it before it gets any colder out! The reason we're at day 13 of 12 is really because we're done with principal photography and we're now on a "skeleton crew" which, facing reality, is about the same as our regular crew. We also have shot a bit of bluescreen footage of Robin and of Tina so arguably we could be on day 15 of 12 but that's not what we call it so we don't.


Chance Shirley said...

I always shoot with a skeleton crew. It's like Jason and the Argonauts, baby.

Andrew Bellware said...

Shooting with Argonauts sounds a lot sexier than "we don't have any money". ;-)