Saturday, November 20, 2010

Earthkiller Behind the Scenes by Joe

Yet e'en more behind the scenes of the funtastical Earthkiller. I think Joe Chapman took all these pictures although some may have been taken by Libby Csulik (the ones she isn't in, of course.)
Robin Kurtz in the foreground. Libby Csulik peers around the set. Henry Steady stands next to Andrew Bellware (at the camera.) That might be the Queen of Mars standing behind Drew.

Andrew Bellware shows playback to Robin Kurtz, Joe Chapman, and Lucy Rayner.

Kari Geddes and Libby Csulik get ready to be "blue shirts" dead on the floor.

I like this picture -- it shows of the sheer enormity of our sets.

Here I am conferring with a pile of the undead.

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