Monday, November 22, 2010

Earthkiller -- yet more pictures (part I)

Whew -- lucky for us Joe and Libby took a lot of "behind the scenes" pictures.
Lucy Rayner as Raze and Robin Kurtz as Helen.

The Queen of Mars on the left, while Greg Oliver Bodine sits on the floor, Robin Kurtz in background.

The Queen of Mars hollywoods a light while Andrew Bellware shoots down the "robot shaft".

Libby Csulik supervises from behind her desk while Kari Geddes has rubber guts attached to her by the Queen of Mars. Anthony Pepe made those guts for us back on the movie Pandora Machine and I THINK we've used them in every movie since. Now THAT'S amortizing a cost!

The Queen of Mars starts the makeup job on Robin Kurtz which will eventually cover her whole body (Robin's, not the Queen's). I think they got this process down to about 45 minutes the last time they did it.

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