Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two (Maybe 3)

On the second day of shooting I had an unhacked GH1 (with the stock lens and everything, there was nothing out of the ordinary.) We're shooting exteriors with a color balance of 10K.
You know, we're actually on reel 03. Because we had that one day where Tommy and I went and shot plates of that air intake at the Holland Tunnel
John Dillon as the Captain.
 We're using Michael Bevins costumes all over this picture. These robes are all his. He designed the brown ones for Ed McNamee's La Gioconda musical.
Chris Pope as Voss.
 We got to play with apples and another appearance of Choco Nom Noms.
David Frey as Ralph.
Boy there's a lot more poison ivy in these woods than I'd like. And probably deer ticks (although we're all being very good about using bug spray so I don't think anyone's been bitten by anything yet.)
I was going for a large sort of framing here -- like a pastoral painting. Funny, the guys are still fairly large in the frame.
 We did some more shooting with the ARDrone quadcopter.
The lovely and graceful Julia-Rae Maldonado as Amelia.

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