Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another day another dollar

We shot up in the Dismal Swamp of Metuchen some more today.
Annalisa Loeffler being very Grimm or biblical with her apple.
 The skies were perfectly overcast all day. I realize that's because the big storm is coming but boy does it make it easy to photograph things.
This glamour shot is awesomized by the perfect background of autumnal foliage.

Here's the 50's pinup version.
 We didn't have to worry about the sun moving, that's for sure.
Julia Rae Maldonado shoots her crossbow at camera. I flinched the first time she did this.
 We shot some whip-pan-alistic arrows flying. It should work out fun.
Claude waited all day for his closeup. By the end of the day he was starving.
 The Middlesex Greenway is just a fantastic park. I wish I'd had it growing up.
Julia Rae Maldonado's Facebook shot of the day.

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