Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm Tired of Being a Jerk

The reason I ask that the slate always be shown "open" to the camera is because in post when you're searching for the slate's marking the shot you're looking for the point at which the slate has come down. So you want to feel certain that if the slate is down you move your playhead to the left and you'll find it open.
Does that even make sense? Probably not. Just always show me an open slate and I'll quit saying "Always show the camera an open slate. Open that slate up. Open. The slate."
Yes, it's out of focus because I'm focusing on the subject who will step into frame. 
I ask for second sticks because just as you dropped the slate you stepped on a branch -- those two sounds are practically identical in post. So I'm sorry I was obnoxious and suggested that was the worst slate in the history of Mankind on the planet Earth. We just need to do it again.
Did I ask you impetuously what in the world did you think you were doing when you were supposed to be recording sound? I may have. I am, apparently still, mean to the boom operator.
Here's the thing about doing sound on a movie set. You're the only person doing sound. So you have a different place for your head to be than any other job on set. This mean that whatever you're normally doing on set, stop doing that and focus on sound. Which, of course, if you're the art director and you have the 702 strapped around your shoulder at the same time is... tough.
Gaffers Unite! is a pretty cool blog. Dude is way into mirrors. Which is also very very cool.


Laura, Queen of Mars said...

You just end up with fingerprints of fake blood on the sound gear, that's all. Is that a problem?

Andrew Bellware said...

Better than real blood, I suppose.