Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dragon Look

We start shooting in three days. And I re-read the pages we're shooting (no, let's face it, I read the pages for the first day only today) and I finally figured it all out.
This watch will be a major prop in the picture.
We are going to kittywhump this movie with some look baby. Magic Bullet Looks. We're gonna do some cruel things to the color. We might let in two colors. Certainly not three. Whackity whackity whackity.
I think that makes sense for this movie.
One thing that'll happen is that composites will become easier. Quit your whining, I know. But it's a perfectly valid reason so get over it.
I think Amelia will wear the shirt on the left.
Probably we need to be a tad careful with reds bleeding. So we'll just have to make sure the reds in the costumes are de-saturated a bit. What do you do, wash them with a drop of bleach? Or just wash them a bunch of times?

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