Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pictures from Libby II

Yes, I do think of the song "Pictures of Lily" whenever I write 'Pictures from Libby."
Queen of Mars, Annalisa Loeffler, and Julia Rae Maldonado look at script things.

Annalisa (as Miranda) and Julia Rae (as Amelia) walk through the tulgey wood.

The tulgey and muddy wood.

Gotta drop that slate. I had to pull down like four stops as I swung from right to left on this shot because the actors walked out of the shade.

This is shortly before I went insane because the camera froze up.

The beautiful and beguiling Annalisa Loeffler standing in the mud.

Dragon hunter Amelia (Julia Rae Maldonado.)

Yelling at dragons.

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