Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Visitations, Trailers, and Suchly

  • Yesterday I visited with Jeff at MongrelFX. He has a great new studio in midtown and it's set up and ready to go for full-body motion capture. It's a great little place -- they can mo-cap two at a time and do all the cleanup right there.
  • I was having a problem with a model that I wanted to spin and Jeff suggested we put a "bone" in the center of the model and then parent the camera to the bone. Turns out, that's a brilliant idea.
  • It turns out we have to make a new edit of the trailers to Day 2 and to Solar Vengeance because the trailers we have are only licensed for the rest of the world excluding North America.
A composite from Earthkiller, with Robin Kurtz as Helen.
  • The art of pulling focus. The video is longer than it needs to be, but there are some helpful tips on focus pulling.
  • Outsource Animation. I don't know why, but one of our distributors sent us this link. Ha! Maybe I should be worried!
  • Neat Video is a video noise reduction plugin. I've been using the Magic Bullet noise reduction myself.
  • And we just recovered from a disaster. All of our project files and the directory they were in just... disappeared. Luckily our backup system, iDrive, seems to have saved us. Although it may have been that ironically during backup, the drive was pulled off the computer, trashing that folder. I don't know yet, we're still looking into the issue.


Ian said...

Andrew! What is that lens flare even doing!? It is a free-range flare!

Also, I will be in New York next week! For, like, maybe a week! We should meet up!

Andrew Bellware said...

It's coming off the very bright light on the other side of that station!

Yes, absolutely, we'll get together!

Lindsay Stewart said...

toward right of frame there appears to be a bit of a gap above and below the window. hope all is well andrew!

Andrew Bellware said...

That's a good note. There is a bit of a gap. It should probably be filled in with more window.