Friday, March 25, 2011

Costume Notes II

Millennium Crisis -- Foxwell?

1. Foxwell -- F
Pleather pants
black top
Nehru-collar jacket

2. Hammermill -- M
is dressing himself -- 

3. Yurra
I think we may end up going with a wig and black tights with accessories -- the "Solar Vengeance" look. We have all the costume pieces

4. Rathbone -- M
I have no idea

5. Tango -- M
No idea

6. Cage -- F
We discussed a dark body suit with mock turtle collar
boots (she owns a pair of chamois black boots)
A red collar, perhaps some sort of red wrist accessories? 
A short "Ike" jacket with epaulets?
A flashlight on her shoulder

7. Moony -- M
Is dressing himself
Solar Vengeance -- Yurra?

8. Doc Ponce -- M
You got me. We do have this tan flight suit. 

9. Bellware -- M? F? 
No idea at all