Thursday, March 31, 2011

Text Deliverables

Here's the place I'm putting my list of extra deliverables for Battle: New York, Day 2

EPK or standard press kit or production information stats; synopsis, trt, aspect ratio etc etc. Any quotes, any festivals, any write ups, anything? Who's in it? New art will be up in June.

We don't actually have an EPK but we'll come up with... something. And of course there's no festival play. Ooh. But we do have some extra and groovy pictures of Tina Tanzer (in front of a blue screen) we should send them. 

Oh but wait. That's not the really exciting part of the coming week. Our sales rep wants pictures of Robowar before we begin shooting!

And then we also need to finish with the visual effects shots for Earthkiller... soon. Like in 2 weeks.

"Would be great to get a few stills of the robot(s) in the next week or so for the teaser artwork.  Maybe one or two of the lead actresses/actors.
Can I get all /most of the Earth Killer finished efx shots by mid april for the trailer?"

OK. I'm on it!