Saturday, May 26, 2012

Things We Clearly Need

A crossbow "pistol" for sixteen bucks (including shipping)? Count me in.

 Twenty-sided dice in both red and green? You just know we'll need these.
And as you're well aware, the dragon holocaust is quite similar in size and scope to the coming zombie holocaust.
You may need to check the items on this list against your standard household zombie holocaust survival kit: Zombie Survival


Aric Blue said...

Fucker. Had to point out a pistol crossbow, which I've never had but always wanted.

So I went ahead and got one. But not that one, 'cause it's got some bad reviews. I got the 80 pound one for like $40. Still pretty cheap.

Andrew Bellware said...

I want the cheap crappity one because I figure we're going to re-string it with a longer string and bend back the bow so it looks like it's under tension. Because it is, after all, a prop (and we'll be pointing it at people.)

Aric Blue said...

Ah. Well, I will be using mine to kill zombies.

Andrew Bellware said...

This far north we don't have that many zombies. Vampires are probably the biggest menace but it turns out they really hate those LED flashlights so it's all good.