Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 6 part trois

Kate Britton gets out some aggression with her crowbar.

Kate opens up a can of whoop on Captain Haskins.
 Today we shot almost entirely with the 28mm Canon S.S.C. lens. We shot mostly at a 2.8 at a rating of 800 ISO on the GH1.
Kate Britton is a violent, violent, person.
 The lens is softer than the 50mm we've used on most of the movie. But with the hazer having broken down maybe that's better? I sorta dug the big soft feeling of the 28mm today. Plus, it'll focus really freakin' close.
Andrew Langton gets killed a whole bunch of times in this movie. I am amused by the under-lit floor he lands on here. The Queen of Mars made that horrible gash in his face. 

Ramsey Scott, our costume designer, amuses me greatly. Plus, how fantastic looking is our crew? I mean, could they be any better looking?
Rebecca Kush brought sweet-tea infused vodka to set. She said "I brought vodka flavored with Drew's favorite thing!"
Kate Britton said: "You brought bunny-flavored vodka?"

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