Monday, May 14, 2012

In the Place

So we made a shot where I was all like "There will be a giant stone head." And the cast said "No, that's a terrible idea."
The first version with a head modeled by BrightonPiers.
And the image, while iconic (and a direct nod, as it were, to Prometheus), doesn't actually pay off. They're just walking through the cargo bay of the ship, we just need to see how vast it is. So then I thought "What about a Borg cube? Nobody will recognize it as a Borg cube and I can get one and..."
The Borg cube didn't work that great. And that square rectangle comes from not switching to "final" from "preview" in the AfterEffects "match grain" effect. The model is by QuantoMan.
So I had to come up with something else. And I think I have. This is the bottom of a spaceship.
Here's a version with the "Star Destroyer" by AnthonyP.
So of course there's a lighting instrument in the frame. And I like it. But we'll see how much people yell about the lighting instrument being in the frame.

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