Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life in the Indy World

After a day of shooting I come home and peel off my clothes to go into the washer. Inevitably I'll have found myself on my back with a camera, lying on a filthy shop floor.
So really, although you see me in exactly the same shirt the next day, it's freshly washed.
I don't like getting my hands dirty. I'm a bit prissy that way. But I'll do whatever I need to in order to shoot the picture. The problem with me getting my hands dirty on set is that I don't want to touch the camera with dirty hands. I certainly don't want to change lenses.
Rebecca Kush
And when we do get latex gloves on set they end up disappearing. We can go through a LOT of latex gloves on a movie. I think I actually prefer the ones with powder although every dentist I've ever met hates the ones with powder.

Sarah-Doe Osborne
 I don't think it's possible we could be happier with our brilliant gaffer, the Queen of Mars. Note that we don't even have a light kit. These are some construction lights and a couple 300W (or 300W equivalent) lamps inside clip lights attached to C-stands. There's actually a florescent on the ground. You can see it in the next shot.
Michael Shattner and Sarah-Doe Osborne.
 The color palate of the costumes really helps too. For various reasons Ramsey Scott's costume design is very easy to light. I dig how one character can be very cool and another very warm. This is partly due to makeup but mostly due to lighting.

Michael Shattner and Sarah-Doe Osborne.
Smash or Trash has an advice column for indy filmmakers. I haveta agree with most all his advice. Although I run into the opposite kinds of filmmakers more often — the ones with an art-house sensibility who want to think they're making something brilliant and by extension never get the movie finished.
There's an interview with Kevin Kangas!
This is my favorite quote:
Your first couple of scripts are going to suck, but you won’t realize it. You’re going to think they’re very good but you’ll be wrong. Write more.

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Aric Blue said...

I wouldn't trust that Kevin Kangas dude...I hear he's a douche.

Also, I totally remember my first script...SO bad. The funny part is that I submitted it to like 5, that's embarrassing.