Monday, April 23, 2012

Prometheus Day 2 (part 4)

Maduka Steady came today to fight direct for us. I always feel safer with him around. The Queen of Mars bloodied up some noses.
Rebecca Kush has been in a lot of bar fights.
Maduka designed a couple nice, simple, safe, and photogenic fights.
The lovely and talented Kate Britton collapses to the floor.
My parents made me take a chocolate cake to set. It was a cake someone had given them. So it was a chocolate cake that was unfortunately very good which was being passed around and around to avoid caloric intake. Luckily our crew is appallingly thin, so they needed the cake.
The delightfully photogenic Rebecca Kush does not always win her bar fights however.
We were handheld 100% of the day. My arms ache like crazy.
Kate Britton peers around a corner.
Today we used various pieces of sets we had around. We also used a couple parts of Tale of Two Cities. Yes, the Broadway show. The sets are being stored at the warehouse. And yes, they did actually tell us we could use them a couple years ago but we could never figure out how. Until today.
Kate Britton (Trent) with absurdly photogenic Fight Director Maduka Steady.
Right this minute I'm not feeling like we want much color-correction in post-production. I don't know what anybody else will say but that's where I am right now.
Rebecca Kush is about to whump you.
The rest of our sets were really hard to put together. And structurally they would have been a lot more sound if only we'd found some clamps to hold them together. Luckily with the length of the lens, the shallowness of the focus, and the number of flares, we didn't really notice that on-camera.
Kate Britton having been whumped.

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