Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 4

We only did 76 takes today. Compared to last Sunday when we did 137 takes that means we're really slacking off. I think we did about 50 takes with sound. Joe Watson was with us today doing sound. We have a... unique way of slating takes which he picked up on right away.
Sarah-Doe Osborne as Artemis in The Prometheus Trap.
Today was very dialog heavy. Call was noon on set and we got everyone on the 7:09 train.
Michael Shattner as Finn in The Prometheus Trap.
Ramsey Scott did a super bang-up job on the costumes on this picture. All these tiny lights and a whole bunch of little gags (like androids having lit-up data ports and such) — it's a whole lotta work. And it's just beautiful. It makes shooting very easy.
Rebecca Kush as Captain Haskin.
 Did I mention how perfect the dog tags are in this movie? It's like Ramsey came up with the single costume piece which represented the visual aesthetic of the entire movie in one palm-sized thing.
James Edward Becton as Cornell.
Today we shot on Jason Birdsall's brilliant cockpit set. I just love this thing. Dig the groovy blue LED panel lights — those are Christmas lights we got off of Amazon.
James Becton.
My favorite moment today was when I was carrying a couple lights from one set to another and the Queen of Mars yelled at me "What are you doing gaffing!"
That amused me ever so.
Rebecca Kush.
I make a joke that I'm really just shooting everyone's Facebook photos but ya gotta admit there are some pretty sweet Facebook pictures in these shots.
Michael Shattner.
We're letting the flares get out of hand. I'm grooving to it. That pattern on Michael's jowl is actually flare from the LED's in the shot — it's not a pattern reflecting up onto him (although that would be awesome.)
Sarah-Doe Osborne.

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Jeffrey Plunkett said...

"Jowl" is kind. Thank goodness it's a large enough palette to render the entire diameter of the LED flare.