Monday, April 2, 2012

Planetary Naming

It looks like the two planetary names in competition to be the name of the homeworld of Captain Haskins are "Altair IV" and "Animus Prime".
Other options we've gotten from the cast include:

Xerxes VII
Auriel Prime
Liatris IV

Animus - courage (this one got a couple votes)
Adoficio - to affect
Coerceco - surround, enclose
Duck - to lead
Fatum - doom

Adhara (“the virgins”)
Altair (“the eagle”)
Arcturus (“guardian of the bear”) (has a couple votes)
Canopus (untranslated proper name; in myth he was the pilot of the ship Argo)
Eltanin (“serpent”)
Meissa (“proudly marching one”)
Naos (“ship”)
Nashira (“fortunate one”)
Nodus I (“first knot or loop”)
Rana (unknown)
Rasalas (“northern part of the lion’s head”)
Regulus (“little king” – astronomical name is Alpha Leonis, also cool)

That's a lot of very cool names. I should have done this polling ages ago.

Ooh! And:
Delphi (where the oracle foretold everything)Delos, Attica, Argos, Megara.

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