Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 3

Today we shot day 3 of The Prometheus Trap. The day was slightly wack in that we had to have people back on the train by 7:09pm when we had a call of noon on set (which turns into 12:30 because we have to make three trips to pick everyone up in the little Honda.)
Andrew Langton as Rhodes, Michael Shattner as Finn, and Rebecca Kush as Haskin, entering the Prometheus.
So we're both a little bit behind and a little bit ahead. It's hard to say exactly. But I'm blaming my producers for the fact that they had to get back to the city early today.
David Frey plays a dead man. 
David Frey came in and shot second camera for us. It'll be fun to color match! Woo. I amuse me.
We also had to shoot some bluescreen.

I have to send stills to our distributor.
I have to sit down with the schedule. Our sets are... different than we thought they'd be up until two days ago.
Michael Shattner contemplates the end of the world.
We shot many pages. I think that starting tomorrow we'll be exactly at the half-way mark of the movie.
Will people thing that Kate Britton (Trent) is an android because of this shot? 


Laura, Queen of Mars said...

Android eyes!

DAVID FREY said...

Wow, I'm a scary looking daed guy in this movie. I think I"m scary in this movie than I've ever been as a zombie in any of the others

Andrew Bellware said...

Scary dead guy = Facebook update! ;-)