Monday, February 14, 2011

Today's Doings

  • Managing a flurry of creative emails about the storyline of the third act of Robot War.
  • Sent a copy of Day 2 via FedEx to a distributor who might look at it and try to get it to Blockbuster. I'm afeared that we were too late about getting a screener to people to think of it as a mockbuster of Battle: Los Angeles.

  • Working on the edit to the first act of Earthkiller. Added a minute. 
  • Created the "credit block" which goes to our distributor for the DVD covers, etc.
All in all, better than real life.

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    Kangas said...

    Shouldn't Asylum just buy it and retitle it Battlefield: LA? I'm sure you'd part with the film for like 100K, which would be cheaper than them going out and filming their own?