Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today in the Machine

So I'm busy destroying David and Nat's screenplay. So that we can shoot it. Very soon.

And because I'm a horrible person.

Here's who's alive on page 21:


We have to make sure we're making a bigger deal about going into AI territory on the mission.

I may have inadvertently cut the explanation about the workers losing contact with the military. Or maybe I was asleep when I was editing it.

Go to the Film School Thesis Generator. Then type in "Clonehunter". C'mon. You know you want to do it.

I was a big fan of Pride and Prejudice. And you know I'm a big fan of assassin androids. Or cyborgs. Or whatever. <a href=";from=sp&amp;vid=0b59f191-5161-4abe-852a-ff0c7f4f3503&amp;from=es-xl&amp;fg=dest" target="_new" title="Hanna">Video: Hanna</a>

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