Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eleven Oh One

David Ian Lee & Nat Cassidy have written the screenplay for the next Pandora Machine film. The present title is "Robot War" and the job number is "1101".

The project has a green light. We are a "go" on it.

I want to start by the Ides of March.

In a future where the Earth is run by warring Artificial Intelligence computers, Foxwell is an expert robot hunter. Sent on a mission to rescue an android, she and her team of mercenaries find themselves up against a bigger threat and have to trust the dangerous android to help them fight an evil A.I. and her robot army.

We keep the most current screenplay here.


Nat said...

More like, "Eleven Oh There Goes the Neighborhood!"

By the way, I should write the taglines for every movie poster ever made.

Andrew Bellware said...

Needs an ironic twist. ;-)