Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Between Movies

I've had some conversations this week about the movie business. Usually they're depressed and unhappy conversations fueled by alcohol and a clear disregard for reality and getting enough sleep.
Here's the reality as far as we know it:

  • Distributors are still looking for "creature features". Big monsters like "The Host" are a winner. If you can make a "The Host" - type movie you're in for the win. I mean, if you can make it cheaply.
  • Distributors are looking for disaster movies. They loves 'em. Big outdoor destruction. That's what they want.
  • There's still the possibility of television. Personally I don't know how to market to television. The Texas lawman and the vampire series still sounds like a great idea to me. We'll have to figure out how to make that.

Furthermore, our pals at the Asylum tell us how to pitch movies to them. Note that is just a good rule for pitches (but you should also think about creature features and disaster movies):
So, how can you write for The Asylum? Well, if you’ve got an interesting take on a mockbuster for a studio movie that is coming out in six to twelve months, that isn’t a remake, sequel, or based on an old television series (good luck); we might read that. Or if you happen to know the buyers at Netflix or Redbox or Comcast and can ask them what types of movies they need, we’ll listen to that pitch.

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