Thursday, January 13, 2011

Talkin' to the Man from Galilee

As we get toward the very end of deliverables on Day 2 we run into all kinds of computer issues (as is typical). For whatever reason various plugins in Final Cut Pro decide not to render... sometimes. We get "out of memory" messages as the computer just stops rendering.
We can't render the whole movie. We can, however, pre-render small pieces at a time. If you select a whole sequence and go to pre-render it, you'll get a "bla blah bla plugin failed to render" or an "out of memory" error. But if you select, say, a few minutes of a sequence and go to pre-render that? Oh sure, we can render that for you.

I've QC'ed all the M&E's for stray English dialog. I was supposed to fix a line that a zombie says but I can't even remotely find the file out of the thousand files we recorded so it looks like that's not going to happen.

And actually getting actors together for a second coming commentary is nigh on impossible so we may just go with the one we've got.

Yeah. Johnny Cash can actually do anything he wants. I mean, even if he is dead. And has help from a couple Swiss guys.

Seat girls - RJ41 Productions from RJ41 on Vimeo.

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