Friday, January 14, 2011

The Ides of March

Are, as it turns out, an AWESOME thing. The most brilliant indy science fiction film of the decade (and it is indeed a "film") is being released.
Like American Astronaut meets Moon on the USS Valley Forge. But you know, with an Alien influence.
I can't say enough about how great this movie is. Directed by Chance Shirley. Buy one. Heck, buy two because you'll wear the first one out.


Chance Shirley said...

You are too kind, Andrew!

That said, thanks for spreading the word about our impending DVD release.

joe said...

i can't wait to see this. seriously. isn't there a screener copy out there somewhere to hold me over until i can buy the real deal!? if you haven't checked out Hunter Prey yet, do it.

Andrew Bellware said...

As I am especially cool I happen to have a screener of Interplanetary. You will have to submit to an ocular scan and a DNA test before entering the secret lair beneath the mountain before being chained to a chair and allowed to watch it though!
You got a copy of Hunter Prey? I've been waiting for that movie for a while. They use the same Nerf guns we do! ;-)