Monday, November 5, 2012

Pictures from Libby Day 3 II

A very serious looking Joe Chapman prepares to slate whilst wearing a quite fashionable jacket.

Joe Chapman prepares to catch the arrow as it comes at me.

Annalisa Loeffler and Christopher Pope duke it out.

Andrew Bellware pretends to direct while Annalisa Loeffler actually does work.

Annalisa wonders what's going on while Drew takes an arrow for her. Chris rethinks this whole "shooting in Jersey" thing while the Queen of Mars considers using real blood.

I... can't actually explain what's going on here.

Chris Pope takes an arrow to the chest while Joe Chapman helps the Marsian Regina with blood.

What ever happened to the "There will be no scripts on the day"? We did end up using the shopping basket as a production stuff basket.

Andrew Bellware. After telling Libby to make me look thin.

Sexy Annalisa Loeffler lounging betwixt takes.

We look more organized here than I think we actually are.

Joe Chapman gets his tongue caught in the slate. I... wish I hadn't seen this.

The Dismal Swamp

Annalisa Loeffler and Chris Pope waiting. 

I'm an artist. You'll understand when you see the movie...

Like I said...

I went to a lot of trouble to get this shot. Note that Chris and I are wearing the same Tyrannosaurus Mouse shirts.

Illegal fun levels. 

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