Monday, November 5, 2012

Pictures from Libby Day 3 I

Chris Pope contemplates who he will murder next.
 These are pictures our Libby Csulik took on the third (maybe fourth) day of shooting the dragon movie.
Queen of Mars hidden behind a tree, I'm shooting and Joe Chapman is slating whilst Annalisa Loeffer whiffles through brambles.

Annalisa trundle while the Martian Queen is too happy to boom.

Annalisa and the bane of her existence. Who wrote this shopping cart in the script? Oh. Sorry.

I'm shooting an over the shoulder of Julia Maldonado.

Annalisa had to be informed that SHOOTING IS NOT FUN!!!!  It didn't work.

Julia Maldonado

The Queen of Mars in her scriptolorious supervisory role.

Andrew Bellware shooting.


 I'm wondering how much of this location will look even remotely like it does here.

Andrew Bellware shoots Annalisa Loeffler while the Queen of Mars smiles.
 My dad's shop (which we use for holding) just got power back today. That's a full week later.
Pushing a shopping cart through the forest is not fun. 

Chris Pope is ready for his closeup.

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