Friday, September 14, 2012


Still doing some tests between the drone's onboard camera and the GoPro 2. If you're looking at this in your email you'll have to click through in order to see the exciting tests.
Let's start with looking at a picture from the Parrot AR.Drone 2. This is taken directly from the drone's onboard camera. Now let's look at the GoPro in the same lighting conditions. (Of course, the video is shakier because I'm just handholding it.) Now let's look at the GoPro in an exterior. YouTube does seem to clean up some of the noise issues in these videos. Note when I say "noise" I'm talking about video noise.
Still, the GoPro is very noisy in these videos. Plus, they seem to all feature Tom Rowen.
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DAVID FREY said...

people on the interwebs say that Technicolor will be releasing a firmware upgrade for the GoPro 2 that will give it 24p mode and something like 35mbps or something like that. The GoPro's not just for candid camera and reality shows anymore baby