Saturday, September 22, 2012


The sheer amount of the business of filmmaking that isn't shooting a movie is pretty spectacular. The paperwork one has to go through in order to deal with distributors is mind-boggling.
And I spend a lot of time being yelled at by my distributors in order to get them the right paperwork, stills, audio, and visual effects.
So I'm finishing out the hardest two weeks this year of dealing with work at the Pandora Machine. Dealing with contracts and deliverables is seriously the least interesting part of my job.
And in the middle of it I got a call from an old friend looking to do some video for some commercial work which would pay in a month more than I make all year long with Pandora Machine.
Basically, I turned it down.
Because the worst day of work making movies is better than the best day of doing regular work.

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Kangas said...

I dunno...getting paid is pretty great...and you are right, the paperwork and deliverables is SPECTACULARLY tedious.